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P&G offers a wide range of capabilities to serve a diverse set of plug and abandonment (P&A) requirements in the region. Exploration companies and state governments alike are suffering the same ailment: how to plug wells quickly, safely, and inexpensively. The expertise and tools required for P&A of conventional wells are drastically different from those required for first generation shale gas wells that now require decommissioning. The contractor market remains fragmented and likewise unable to meet demand in a cost-effective manner. Most significantly, pressure to plug more wells for less money has created a culture of shortcuts and unsafe work practices.

This is why P&G is the contractor of choice for dozens of clients undertaking P&A projects.


The Turn-Key Model

P&G’s solution to many of the problems facing clients lies in its turn-key model of P&A project management. Hidden costs are eliminated by setting a not-to-exceed ceiling. The project is managed more efficiently as subcontractor use is minimized or eliminated. Start-to-finish project oversight allows information to be freely shared from one responsible party to the next. By combining all this with a culture of safety and environmental stewardship, we solve the most difficult problems facing clients in the Northeast today.


Listed below are a handful of P&G’s capabilities that allow us to thrive in this segment:

  • 8 available service rigs
    • Capable of pulling hookloads of 250,000 lb. (learn more »)
    • Able to clean out wells with little to no casing integrity (learn more »)
    • P&A experience on hundreds of conventional wells throughout NY, PA, OH, and WV (learn more »)
  • Cementing services on call
    • Chassis mounted cement pump units (learn more »)
    • 2,000 sack bulk cement cement on location
    • 24/7 customer support
  • Assets for pad construction and reclamation
  • Permitted waste hauling capable of handling liquid, solid, and hazardous materials
  • Mud pumps for reverse circulation during well intervention
  • Blowout preventers (BOPs), lubricators, and other well control equipment

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