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A Continual Effort for Safer Employees and Job Sites

P&G prides itself on treating the wellbeing of its employees, outside stakeholders, and the environment with the utmost care. We accomplish this by creating a deep-seated culture of safety consciousness addressed in the following ways unique to P&G.

Short Service Employees

Our company molds the minds of young rig and cement hands through a rigorous SSE process. P&G short service employees are assigned a mentor who must observe their daily work for the first 6 months of employment. Every 30 days during this probationary period, the SSE is counseled by senior management in a one-on-one session to review mentor and supervisor feedback. This also gives these employees with their fresh perspectives the opportunity to identify unsafe practices that may be happening on job sites. This is particularly effective when new members may otherwise be afraid to speak up to their field supervisors. Due to our SSE program’s thoroughness and hands-on nature, P&G can provide its clients with the safest and most technically proficient crews in the industry.

Near-Miss Reporting

We believe that each workplace incident occurs for every one hundred “near-miss” events that precede it. We encourage our supervisors in weekly meetings to share the near-miss events that occurred on their job sites. These events are captured, analyzed and democratically assigned a company best practice. Near-miss reports are consolidated and disseminated to every employee to share these lessons learned throughout our flat organizational structure.

Meeting the Industry’s Most Stringent Standards

Because of the wide range of clients we serve, P&G is sure to meet the most challenging health, safety, and environmental standards in our space. These include but are not limited to:

  • Personal protective equipment exceeding OSHA standards, such as metatarsal protective boots, impact-resistant gloves, and high visibility FR coveralls.
  • Company-wide training in PEC Safeland, OSHA-10 Hour, IADC Certified Wild Well Control, First Aid, Drivers Training, and HAZWOPER.
  • API certified rig masts and pressurized tanks.
  • Random drug and alcohol testing quarterly of both DOT and non-DOT employees.
  • 3rd party HSE audits of field locations.

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