Brine Well Cementing in Upstate New York

Brine Well Cementing in Upstate New York

Duration: Three Months


    Brine Well Cementing in Upstate New York

    Wyoming County, New York



The integrity of a newly drilled well relies on the strength of the cement bond on multiple strings of casing. Because of the integral nature of oilfield cementing, demand for cement vendors often exceeds supply in any given basin resulting in huge price swings and a shortage of qualified specialists. A worse position exists for businesses that rely on these services for non-oilfield applications. Companies that operate brine or geothermal wells are often left competing for vendors and face long delays in their drilling process due to shortages. For these reasons, the client for this project frequently struggled to find a partner who could work around their drilling schedule while also keeping costs in line with budgeted expectations.


P&G’s commitment to accountability and professionalism means that you can know that we will be on-site when we commit to your project. During this project, several other jobs called in at the last minute that would have resulted in higher profits, but we ensured that we prioritized this client’s needs first and foremost. The result was a project completed on time and on budget with a relationship built on trust that will continue long into the future.

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