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Wireline Services

Tailored Wireline Solutions for Efficient Plug and Abandonment

Discover specialized Wireline Services at Plants & Goodwin, meticulously designed for the precision demands of Plug and Abandonment projects.

Plants & Goodwin’s Wireline Services are engineered for the specific requirements of Plug and Abandonment. Our focus lies in delivering efficient solutions for crucial aspects, including data acquisition, wellbore evaluation, downhole testing and targeted interventions. From gathering critical wellbore information to executing precise interventions, trust our wireline expertise to ensure a seamless and responsible closure of your wells during the decommissioning process.

Wireline Services

  • Cased Hole Services:
    • Gamma Ray/CCL
    • Gamma Ray/CCL/Neutron
    • Cement Bond
    • Radial Bond
    • Temperature
    • 3-Arm Caliper
    • Perforating
    • Pipe Recovery/Free Point
    • Drill Pipe/Casing Back-Off
    • Casing Cutting (Chemical and Explosive)
    • Plugging (Bridge, Frac, and Composite)
  • Miscellaneous Services:
    • Down-Hole Camera
    • Gas Gun

Enhance Your Plug and Abandonment Efficiency with Tailored Wireline Solutions

Contact Plants & Goodwin today to discuss how our specialized wireline services can optimize the precision and success of your Plug and Abandonment projects.